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The Home Garden Seed Association (HGSA) is a member driven organization made up of garden seed packet companies, seed growers, and packet printers. Our central goal is to promote gardening from seed.

Our website serves this goal in two ways: by providing our association members, the gardening media, and individual home gardeners nationwide with well researched, accurate, useful articles and features about successful gardening from seed, the packet seed industry, and major gardening trends.

Additionally, the HGSA acts as a Trade Association and forum for members to discuss issues of mutual concern. The website updates our members on all Association activities, most particularly the annual HGSA Seed Conference and Trials, which takes place in a different location every September.

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Our Favorite Tomatoes

Choosing a tomato variety to grow out of the hundreds available is like picking a paint color. Each choice has its irresistible appeal, and there are just so many to choose from! But as with the “Pompeii Clay” hue you might have chosen for your dining room wall, you don’t have to live with your tomato pick forever. You can try another variety next year, and another the year after that. Home Garden Seed Association members evaluate their tomato options every year—tasting, testing, and grading. When asked to name a favorite, these savvy growers may hesitate for just an instant before naming the one that has risen to the top spot in their 2017 list of favorites. In 2018, another seductive tomato may unseat it. And that’s just one of the things that makes gardening fun. READ MORE

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