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The Home Garden Seed Association (HGSA) is a member driven organization of companies in the garden seed trade. Our goal is to assist our membership in growing their businesses by promoting gardening from seed as the easy, economical and rewarding way to garden. At our meetings and Annual Conference and Summer Trials, we provide members with extensive variety evaluations, networking, continuing education and roundtable discussions about issues and concerns shared by member companies and affiliates.

This Month's Featured Article: Recommended Flowers for you Vegetable Garden

Flowers are a must in the vegetable garden for a multitude of reasons. The most obvious is that they bring cheer to the garden. A garden should be a place of beauty as well as purpose—reason enough to add flowers among your vegetable rows (or vice versa!). They have functional roles in the garden as well, making them well worth the space you give to them:

• Flowers attract pollinators, which most plants require to bear fruit.
• They attract beneficial insects, which prey on garden pests
• Some flowers are edible
• They add diversity of texture and color, plus they bring fragrance to the garden!

Here are some top easy-from-seed flower picks for the vegetable garden:



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