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The Home Garden Seed Association (HGSA) is a member driven organization of companies in the garden seed trade. Our goal is to assist our membership in growing their businesses by promoting gardening from seed as the easy, economical and rewarding way to garden. At our meetings and Annual Conference and Summer Trials, we provide members with extensive variety evaluations, networking, continuing education and roundtable discussions about issues and concerns shared by member companies and affiliates.

This Month's Featured Article: Planning Your All-season  Garden

The food garden, you could say, is a gateway garden. For is there anyone who does not savor freshly picked lettuce, or look forward to the first ripe tomato of summer? Millennials and foodies are discovering the excitement of gardening through food. This might play out in balcony containers full of herbs and peppers, or in a big backyard vegetable garden. No matter what form a personís first garden takes, it has the potential to forge a lasting relationship with real food, with the natural world, and with the cycles of the seasons.

It is important that this relationship start off on the right foot. A garden is not a once-and-done affair. However, given attention, care, and yes a little love, it will bring lasting rewards, both in the short- and long-term.

So how do you measure success? A successful food garden is one that yields crops throughout the season. Planting for a continuous harvest can be tricky for a novice, but it can happen with a little guidance. A step-by-step approach breaks the process down into one that is far less daunting, and easily achievable.



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