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Master Gardener Extension Volunteers are the people to go to for advice on residential vegetable and flower gardening questions, and with issues about lawn care and trees.

USDA Plant Hardinesss
Zone Map
 is a detailed, precise map for every region.


The National Gardening Association offer a large array of gardening info for consumers and educators, with gardening advice, plant references, how-to videos and more.

National Garden Bureau’s Year Of The...

Each year the National Garden Bureau, whose membership represents the professional horticulture industry, selects a flower and vegetable to be showcased nationally. Each is chosen because they are popular, easy-to-grow, widely adaptable, genetically diverse, and versatile. Here are links to NGB’S annual selections to grow from seed, with excellent information on the plant culture, how to grow and harvest tips.

Vegetables  and Herbs Flowers and Herbs

Year of the Watermelon

2012: Year of the Herbs

2011: Year of the Tomato

2010: Year of the Squash

2009: Year of the Greens

2008: Year of the Eggplant

2007: Year of the Cabbage and Kale

2006: Year of the Chile Pepper

2005: Year of the Melon

2004: Year of the Pea

2003: Year of the Bean

2002: Year of the Spinach

2001: Year of the Basil

2013: Year of the Wildflowers

2012: Year of the Geranium

2011: Year of the Zinnia

2010: Year of the Marigolds

2009: Year of the Nicotiana

2008: Year of the Rudbeckia

2007: Year of the Violas 

2006: Year of the Celosia

2005: Year of the Sweet Pea

2004: Year of the Dianthus

2003: Year of the Poppy

2002: Year of the Vinca

2001: Year of the Centaurea

1999: Year of the Salvia

1998: Year of the Geranium

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